EOS Implementer


Del Rosario-Gust, Haraya

Home Base:
Pasig City
Service Area:
Philippines, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia
About This Implementer

Ia believes that being an entrepreneur is both a wonderful opportunity and a great responsibility to make a positive difference in the lives of people.

She built a successful corporate career before eventually going down the entrepreneurial path. While reluctant and scared at first, she soon found a deep passion for building businesses that support the creative industries and showcase the creative talent of Filipinos. The companies she has built now support creative and marketing clients not just in her country, but also in the US, UK and Australia.

Ia discovered EOS at a time when she struggled with the challenges that came with both of her companies growing very fast. After implementing EOS, she realized that running a business did not have to be so hard and complicated.

Ia travels all over Southeast Asia helping leadership teams implement EOS but lives in the Philippines with her husband Bob, and daughters Alia and Kat.

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