EOS Implementer


Dabrai, Rani

Home Base:
Limerick D1, Ireland
Service Area:
Ireland, Europe. Willing to travel.
About This Implementer

Rani starter her career in PR, working in TV and music before starting her first business at the age of 25. Despite terrible timing – she incorporated the company just as a global recession hit – she managed to grow the business to five revenue streams before eventually selling the business in 2018.

Through working in this business, Rani spent time behind the scenes of over 1500 companies in various stages of scaling, and learned the lessons of entrepreneurship from every angle. When she sold her business, she realised that her best asset was her experience and empathy, and so in 2020 qualified as Ireland’ first and only EOS Implementer.

Rani loves nothing more than helping people achieve their dreams through the power of entrepreneurship. She’s a member of the EO Ireland chapter and a qualified executive coach. On the weekends, you’ll find her playing with her kids, practicing new recipes for Thai food, and continuously curating her 7 closets of clothes where she channels her love for fashion. She loves to travel, hates the cold and finds it impossible to resist a Tayto sandwich. (If you’re not Irish, google it!)

Rani is motivated by a desire to help entrepreneurs solve meaningful problems, and leave the world in a better place. Embodying the core EOS value of ‘Help First’ Rani loves to support anyone who needs a helping hand to the next rung of the ladder – with no strings attached. If this sounds like you, reach out for a chat.

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