EOS Implementer


Clunes, Patch

Home Base:
Cronulla, New South Wales 2230, Australia
Service Area:
Sydney Australia, willing to travel to Bangkok Thailand
About This Implementer

Patch was born into a family of business owners. She witnessed many successes but also a lot of tough times and failures. Her biggest business inspiration was her grandfather who orphaned as a child, migrated from China to Thailand at the age of 18. With no education and a language barrier, within a year he set up a modest shop selling garments. His entrepreneurial spirit had his business thriving and evolving to eventually set up a textiles manufacturing factory. Over 60 years on, it is still a family run business with over 400 staff and exporting around the world.

With her family influence, Patch studied Business Management and enjoyed a 10 year corporate career mainly for Australia’s largest general insurance company IAG. She fulfilled various management roles but predominately was involved in delivering strategic initiatives and managing a team of Project and Change Managers.

In 2009 the GFC hit and took its toll on her fathers business in hospitality which eventually folded. Around this time, Patch started reflecting on how she could have helped that business and many other small/medium businesses that struggle. She pivoted her career to follow her passion to help small/medium businesses.

Patch launched Pattra in 2010. She took what she had learned in corporate to help businesses get more structured, organised and grow stably. Over the years she continued to learn and use various business tools and systems to help businesses. In 2016 Patch was introduced to the EOS model and tools by her previous boss, mentor and now CEO of EOS Australia/NZ, Daniel Davis. Patch found the tools so simple and yet powerful to get business leaders on the same page and having really profound discussions that strengthened their business in all areas.

Patch is passionate about educating and empowering business owners and leaders to build successful business as they have such a positive impact on our communities and society.

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