EOS Implementer


Chantry-Taylor, Debra

Home Base:
Auckland 1011, New Zealand
Turramurra, New South Wales 2074, Australia
Service Area:
All of New Zealand, Melbourne & Sydney, Australia & UK
About This Implementer

Debra Chantry trained originally as a Biochemist & Food Technologist & spent the first 7 years of her career working in Sales & Marketing in global health companies such as Glaxo Smith Klein & Roche Pharmaceuticals.

From here she moved into Senior Management Positions, GM & CEO roles in Owner Managed / Entrepreneurial businesses for 7 years. Industries included Engineering & Construction, Travel & Tourism, IT & Software and 4WD & Car accessories in both retail & wholesale environments. In these roles she was responsible for up to 200 staff.

With all of these roles she took stagnant or flatlining businesses back to growth.

After this experience she went out on her own & started her first business – a text, mobile app & marketing agency. This was very successful & encouraged her to amalgamate & take ownership of a 2nd business based around software & application development. This company first soared & then failed miserably. She knows what it’s like to worry about paying the bills each month & keeping everyone motivated, even in times of adversity. When she put the company into receivership, she knew it was a tough but right decision.

Going back to Corporate world for a few years to rebuild, she headed up a large team at an Insurance company.

Corporate life got the better of her & she left to join one of the Top 10 incubators in the world to coach their clients – from start-ups to established owner-managed businesses. Whilst consulting at the incubator she started her own coaching business, which she has been running since 2009. Debra has been the generalist coach in the business, supported by specialist coaches.

She currently has a 4th start-up.

Debra is passionate about working with Entrepreneurs to help them achieve their professional & personal goals. Combining her 25+ years of management experience, 10+ years of generalist coaching plus the EOS model, tools & system, she brings a unique mix of experience, curiosity & structure to help you.

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