EOS Implementer


Celie, Alexander

Home Base:
Den-Bosch, 5221LN
Service Area:
Netherlands, Germany, Europe, UK
About This Implementer

Alexander is entrepreneur and founder of TRACTION10, a company helping business owners and their leadership teams gain more traction in their business while laying a strong foundation for scaling-up the business towards its true potential. Alexander believes in FREEDOM and building a great business is in his experience the best vehicle for expanding your four freedoms (time, money, relationships and purpose).

He is very passionate about helping other entrepreneurs get everything they want from their business and found that EOS is the most complete system with simple tools for achieving exactly this goal. He has helped many entrepreneurial businesses in Europe gain more TRACTION with EOS in a broad variety of business types. Alexander has a background in business and technology and has led multiple business units of $3M as well as a $20M / 180 employees pision in the IT services industry.

His 25 year ambition is helping entrepreneurs in two major areas: 1. Helping leaders get everything they want from their business by helping them build the “self-managing company” using EOS and 2. Helping leaders transform their business into a “self-multiplying company” with a 10x mindset in a disruptive and digital age. In his view only organizations that have a strong foundation based on a single business operating system for running the business have the simplicity to take advantage of exponential opportunities for increasing productivity, innovation, scaling-up and creating more value for others. EOS is that strong and vital foundation.

In EOS sessions he often says: “if you use these simple tools consistently, great results become INEVITABLE!”

If you want to get REAL, keep it SIMPLE and create RESULTS, please take action and contact Alexander.

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