EOS Implementer


Bruns, Christian

Home Base:
Guatemala, Guatemala 01004, Guatemala
Service Area:
Latino-América: Desde MÉXICO hasta CHILE incluyendo islas en el Caribe
About This Implementer

For over 20 years Christian has been involved in the business world. He started working for a top dental company in Germany. A few years later moved back to his hometown Guatemala, where he got involved working in the family business. After a short while he found himself running it, and together with his leadership team (includes 6 family members), they have grown to 4 companies and over 160 employees. Revenues have also grown greatly in the last few years.

He has also experienced the down side of business, when their fifth company did not make it thru. The learning process during this experience was priceless.

When EOS was implemented to his companies, he experienced firsthand what this proven system can do, and that is when he decided to team up with EOS and follow his passion of helping other entrepreneurs/business owners get the most out of their lives and businesses.

Christian has a deep understanding of the challenges the Latin culture faces, especially with family owned/operated companies.

He works with Spanish speaking organizations throughout Latin America.

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