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Boulton, Kerry

Home Base:
Melbourne, 3206
Service Area:
Australia/NZ, willing to travel
About This Implementer

Now in what she describes as her “sixth reinvention” as a Professional EOS Implementer™ and after retiring twice, Kerry believes every business can be a great business and when really humming, can positively impact the lives of everyone in the company.

Described by most people who meet her as an elegant, serial entrepreneur, Kerry was the first woman to manage and own an international freight forwarding company when she negotiated the buyout of Freight Management International, a pision of the publicly listed company, Mayne Nickless Ltd.

Following her purchase of Freight Management International in 1987, the business was successfully sold nine years later after a multimillion-dollar dollar turnaround.

Kerry has always been known for being “ahead of the game”. Pioneering Nexus Business Coaching in 1996, the company was well established before “business coaching” became popular.

When it comes to being able to ‘monetise’ a business for sale, Kerry Boulton has over $15.4 million worth of runs on the board from businesses she has successfully helped build and sell over the past three decades.

Kerry discovered EOS when she saw a presentation at The Exit Planning Institute conference in the U.S. by an M&A firm who described how they used “Traction” to evaluate potential acquisitions. Intrigued with the process, Kerry did her own “due diligence” and has now become a Professional EOS Implementer™, immediately applying EOS with two of her current clients.

Kerry now spends her time helping other entrepreneurs create really great businesses with true value, so they can lead the life they want and ultimately exit – whatever way they wish, and whenever they wish.

Kerry is based in Melbourne.


Kerry Boulton’s insight and experience has been of great value to our business. Her ability to personally connect with the key stakeholders was invaluable to the successful merger of our two businesses, setting us up for significant growth moving forward. Personable and an excellent listener, also makes Kerry a great coach. I highly recommend Kerry.

Werner Spies, Managing Director, 460degrees

Kerry Boulton has been invaluable to our business. She has amazing experience and insight, coupled with the ability to quickly grasp the fundamentals of any business challenge. Her preparatory work and ability to stay at the leading edge of technology have been fantastic foundations for our company as we have grown and expanded offshore and in our existing markets. Cannot recommend Kerry highly enough.

Luke Woolmer, Managing Director, XLATE Group

Kerry has been working with us for the last six months or so, all I can say is that we are very impressed, Kerry is the person who can help you get your business sale ready whether you plan to sell or not. We have been really impressed with the step by step program Kerry is taking us through. Kerry brings a wealth of experience and a wealth of connections that have already proved valuable. I can recommend Kerry to you.

Michael Sloan, Managing Director, Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate

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