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Boot, Mona

Home Base:
Almere, 1359 JK
Service Area:
Netherlands, Europe, willing to travel for right customer
About This Implementer

Mona Boot started Go 4 Traction because she is passionate about helping entrepreneurs being successful. Her experience is 20 years working at an Apple distributor, Five 4 U. During that time the revenue grew from 23 to 270 million euros. As a privately-owned company, without investors, there were a lot of highs and lows where she learned a lot about running a business and about herself. As the CCO, she was looking after the commercial side of the company, part of the management team and one of the shareholders.

In 2017 Five 4 U was successfully sold to a European distributor ‘Also’ and an exit for her.

Being in the wholesale business and working with high volumes and low margins, the search to a perfect system was always on her list. Then she helped out at a friend’s company. The job was to implement a management method, EOS®. She immediately fell in love with EOS and wished she had known it before. The clear holistic systems and practical tools is what she loves!

That’s why she decided to become a professional EOS implementer® helping other entrepreneurs to know and use this method. After an extensive training program in the methods of EOS® she now has teaching, facilitation and coaching skills and help business owners, leaders and managers to get more of what they want from their business.

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Due to the extreme growth our organization needed more structure. It became clear that the simplicity of EOS connected very well with our dynamic and fast business. With EOS we created a crystal-clear vision and more structure from the day we started. The tools helped us to involve the whole organization to execute with accountability and discipline. Mona from Go 4 Traction gave us excellent guidance during the sessions and facilitated us in the right direction.

Mark van den Broek, Managing Director, Pro Warehouse

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