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Andrew, Martin

Home Base:
Leicester, LE169DE
Service Area:
Midlands, willing to travel anywhere within the UK
About This Implementer

Martin’s first ‘real’ experience of entrepreneurship was helping set up a small travel franchise at the age of 21. In it’s first year it turned over £1m and made a small profit. The business went on to achieve consistent growth long after he exited.

During the next 20-years his career took him in a different direction with leadership roles across a broad and diverse range of international organisations, some of them large corporate businesses. Most were incredibly successful, award winning, highly profitable companies but 2 were disasters and came close to going out of business. “I learned a heck of a lot more about myself during these dark times than from all of the successes.” he acknowledges.

What Martin learned was that he liked their focus on driving profit, but hated the politics, lack of accountability and unnecessary complexity they seemed to create.

In 2010 he returned to his entrepreneurial roots and has since been immersing myself in the world of ‘SME’s’, working with business owners, managers and leadership teams helping them achieve their growth potential and leading organisational change.

Early in 2017 he discovered EOS® and self-implemented the tools into the business he was leading at the time and, despite his initial scepticism, he was amazed by how simple it was and how it immediately delivered real results getting everyone in the organisation on the same page. The business doubled in size to £10m during the next 2 years and secured significant multi million pound investment from a leading private equity office.

This passion for EOS® led him to join the community as a Professional Implementer™ in 2019.


We implemented the EOS system into our business and it’s one of the best things we ever did. Our revenue more than doubled in less than 2 years.

Matthew Hassell, CEO/Founder, Transport 2

We had committed to EOS as the platform for our business but we were finding it difficult to implement it properly by ourselves. Working with Martin has been a revelation.

Phil Jepson, Chairman/Co-Founder, Jepson Holt

I urge any owner that is frustrated and seeking to get a grip of their business to engage Martin and start the journey to implement EOS today. I have first-hand experience of seeing it transform organisations.

Marco Schiavo, Partner, Nickleby Capital

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